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A Free Healing Event Facilitated by Raphael


Hello Everyone,

Greetings and Blessings to all of you.

On, (DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED), I am providing a Free, Long Distance, Energy one hour healing event for all people, animals and any other relations.
NOTE: This is not a phone session.

Join me in this free, energy healing, offered from the heart, to provide a healing for you and to assist you in finding your inner, personal truth. As Aluna Joy mentions in her most recent Facebook article, during these last few months, it has been difficult to find our truth. We have to quit looking outside of ourselves, and tune into our divine truth by looking/listening/feeling inside and see what is right for ourselves. At the beginning of this healing session, I will be asking Archangel Michael, and the rest of my Angelic Healing Team, to assist with removing all blocks and obstacles to access our divine truth, and to ignite and accelerate our inner truth flame.

You can read Aluna Joy's full Facebook article here: Aluna Joy's Article

After signing up, an email confirming your sign-up will be sent to you. It will also contain a link to instructions on how to prepare for this healing session. If you would like to read more about my work and energy sessions, please Click Here.

NOTE: If you don't plan on taking the one hour out of your day and specifically tune into these energies, please don't sign up. This healing request must come from the person wanting the healing, with the exception of those people wanting a healing for their pets, or those that are unable to sign up or are incapacitated.

If you would like to be included and participate in this next free healing session, click on the link below titled "Sign up for Raphael's Free Healing Event Here". All information is kept strictly confidential. All you need to enter is your email address, and your first and last name. If you want to, you can also enter your pet's names, address, city, state and country where you live. I do not need to know what you would like to have healed. Spirit is all knowing :)

With Much Love and Great Blessings,


Sign up for Raphael's Free Healing Event Here
After you sign up, you will receive a confirmation email.

P.S. Please share with your friends and on Social Media.

P.S.S. The instructions for Raphael's Free Healing Session can be viewed here: http://www.HealingsWithRaphael.com/instructions-mdt.html

Heart Donations are gratefully accepted.

Throughout the year, we send healing notices in bulk. PLEASE tell your server that we are wanted by you and are not SPAM. Servers like AOL, Earthlink, Yahoo, Hotmail etc, assume bulk mail is SPAM, unless you tell them differently! You can manually inform your spam blocker to accept our addresses (raphael@HealingsWithRaphael.com) to be delivered. We have had emails returned each month because filters ask us to validate that you want our message by replying to the generated response. We simply do not have enough time to respond to all of these.

Personal, One-on-One Healing Sessions with Raphael:
Should you be looking for a more personal, in-depth healing session, you can read more about my One-on-One Healing Sessions by clicking on the following link,
or feel free to contact me at raphael@healingswithraphael.com
One-on-One Healings With Raphael

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Sacred Site Essences To Help with Releasing and Transformation:

Aluna Joy, my life partner and sweetie, makes essences in many sacred sites all around the world. Many of these essences have been made with the intent to help people with releasing old energies, patterns and programs as well to help assimilate the new energies that we all are experiencing during these times. As always, follow your own heart to which essence is right for you. To see which essences resonate with you, you can view Aluna Joy's Sacred Site Essences at the following link: Sacred Site Essences

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