A Free Healing Event Facilitated by Raphael
Date: To Be Announced
Time: To Be Announced

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During this 1 hour healing and activation, I will be calling on many Archangels (including Archangel Michael, Archangel Zadkiel and ArchAngel Raphael to name a few) and Ascended Masters (including Jesus, Mother Mary, Buddha, etc...).

If you would like to be included and participate in this next free healing session, click on the link below. All information is kept strictly confidential. Also, I do not need to know what you would like to have healed. Spirit is all knowing :)

After you sign up, you will receive a confirmation email which you will need to click on to confirm that you wish to be included in the next free healing (if you don't see it, please check your Spam Folder). After clicking the confirmation link, you will then receive and email which will include a link to instructions on how to prepare for this session.

With Much Love and Great Blessings,

NOTE: This is not a phone session. It is an energetic, long distance session (no words - just energy transmitted).

Sign up for Raphael's Free Healing Event Here

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Personal, One-on-One Healing Sessions with Raphael:
Should you be looking for a more personal, in-depth healing session, you can read more about my One-on-One Healing Sessions by clicking on the following link,
or feel free to contact me at raphael@healingswithraphael.com
One-on-One Healings With Raphael

Sacred Site Essences To Help with Manifesting this Healing's Intent:
Aluna Joy, my life partner and sweetie, makes essences in many sacred sites all around the world. Many of these essences have been made with the intent to help people with releasing old energies, patterns and programs as well to help assimilate the new energies that we all are experiencing during these times. As always, follow your own heart to which essence is right for you. To see which essences resonate with you, you can view Aluna Joy's Sacred Site Essences at the following link: Sacred Site Essences

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